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CA002: Clan Analogue EP 2 | Various Artists

Clan Analogue’s second release, another vinyl EP with a 6-track selection of the collective’s early output. Acts from Wollongong, Sydney and Canberra create a wonderful array of analogue heaven, kicking with undeniable passion. Highlights here include a track by Jamie Stevens as Oceania, prior to his career in Infusion, some acid house by Canberra dance music maestro Jon Wicks and some early world-music crossover dance music by Loose Unit featuring Jah Jaffle. Clan EP 2 was compiled by Clan Analogue founder Brendan Palmer.

Track listing

1. Oceania l (En)twine
2. Critical Frequency l Critical Frequency
3. C.M.I. l Sukinamono Nosukimono
4. Loose Unit l Particular Purple
5. Nonaz Nomis l Bumpet
6. Jon Wicks l Old Woman 303

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