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CA038: Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection | Various Artists

Clan Analogue is proud to release a slice of Australian electronic music history in Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection. Re Cognition is a collectible three-disc set, containing a selection of the most seminal acts of the era, all of whom started their careers as part of the Clan Analogue collective.

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Disc A is a collection of the greatest hits from a 15-year era of Australian techno and electronica explorations, encapsulating 24 hours in the life of an electronic music fan. Beginning during the day, whiling away hours in the office listening to radio hits by Disco Stu, Artificial & Toupee, Bleepin’ J Squawkins, and General Electrik, we move to glitchy home listening, relaxing with Pretty Boy Crossover, Two4K and Ubin after a hard day. Then it’s off to clubland to enjoy the sounds of Deepchild and the Telemetry Orchestra before moving on to a warehouse party. The chill-out room warms up with Dark Network and Atone before its time to hit the dancefloor for some techno beats from Continuum and Itch-E & Scratch-E. Finally, the comedown with 5000 Fingers of Dr T, back home in the early hours.

Disc B is an all-new selection of remixes produced from the new generation of Clan Analogue’s artists, all of whom remixed their favourite tracks from the collective’s back catalogue. Koshowko take on Disco Stu, Winduptoys resurrect Continuum while Lunar Module lift Nerve Agent into orbit. Hear the first vibrations of Clan Analogue’s next era…

The set includes a companion DVD. As well as classic filmclips by Deepchild, Telemetry Orchestra, Pear Shaped and others, the disc includes the new documentary Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On and the influential 1995 VHS release Clan Analogue Live at the Goethe Institute.

A digital-download-only album Cognition X: The Clan Analogue Rarities Collection is available for free to anyone buying Re Cognition triple-disc set. Go to Cognition X download page for details.

Click here for lots more interesting information on Re Cognition and historical essays written by some of the artists who have been involved in Clan Analogue over the years.


1. Artificial & DJ Toupee | Any Ladies? [from Solid Gold [CA028] released: 2001]
2. Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Minerva Moog part 1 [from Floppydisco [CA035] released: 2004]
3. Disco Stu | An Englishman in Ibiza [from An Englisman in Ibiza [CA029] released: 2002]
4. General Electrik | What You’re Doin’ [from Doppler Shift [CA034] released: 2004]
5. Pretty Boy Crossover | The Translucent [from Any Number Can Play [CA031] released: 2002]
6. Ubin | Willow [from Cognition 3 [CA025] released: 2000]
7. Two4K | Elite [from Defocus [CA032] released: 2003]
8. Deepchild | Rachel’s Meadow [from Hymns From Babylon [CA026] released: 2000]
9. Telemetry Orchestra | Swingers International [from Live Better Electrically [CA019] released: 1998]
10. B(if)tek | Bedrock [from Cognition [CA014] released: 1997]
11. Dark Network | 7AM [from Late Set [CA033] released: 2003]
12. Atone | Dublife [from The DeEP 3 EP [CA003] released: 1994]
13. Infusion | Smokescreen [from Cog [CA007] released: 1995]
14. Continuum | Neurosis [Radio Edit] [from Pre-Sense [CA021] released: 1998]
15. Itch-E and Scratch-E | Everybody Get On the Floor [from Solid Gold [CA028] released: 2001]
16. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Mind Stretch [from Orange Chrome [CA016] released: 1997]


1. Atone | Hellhole [Recreation mix] Remixed by Suspect
[Original Version on Jaunt [CA012] released: 1996]
2. Nerve Agent | Alien Jungle Planet [Meat Grinder Remix] Remixed by Lunar Module
[Original Version on G-Type Nerve Agent [CA023] released: 2000]
3. B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy [Koshowko Remix] Remixed by Koshowko
[Original Version on Twenty Disco Greats [CA020] released: 1999]
4. Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Voodoo Doll
[Original Version by Atone on Crucified Stitched Up And Then Some [CA015] released: 1997]
5. Eidolon | Return to Donnelaith [Swinging Tasty Mix] Remixed by Swinging Tasty Bag
[Original Version on Aphelion One [CA011] released: 1996]
6. Xtrovert | Vinyl Sadist [Cherry 2000 Remix] Remixed by Cherry 2000
[Original Version on EP1 [CA001] released: 1993]
7. 8-Bit | Leiwand [Incident at Bohemian Grove Remix] Remixed by Mutante Frequante
[Original Version on Cognition 3 [CA025] released: 2000]
8. Clan Analogue | CALG101 [Null Object Remix]
[Created using loops found on 101 Lock Grooves [CALG101] released: 2001]
9. Disco Stu | God Is Dead [Koshowko Remix] Remixed by Koshowko
[Original Version on Adult Themes [CA022] released: 1999]
10. Soft Spoken Spanky | Grubbing for Trufffles [Dirty Nostrils Remix] Remixed by Apell
[Original Version on Habitat [CA030] released: 2002]
11. Continuum | Balladonia [Pluto Remix] Remixed by Winduptoys
[Original Version on Habitat [CA030] released: 2002]
12. Apell | Wrinkled [Old Beirut Remix] Remixed by Zaziz
[Original Version on Inverted [CA036B] released: 2006]
13. Pear Shaped | Sunny Day [Refractive Mix] Remixed by Valley Forge
[Original Version on Pear Shaped [CA027] released: 2001]
14. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Jus Ta Mo Ment [This Moment Remix] Remixed by Kaputnik
[Original Version on Jaunt 2 [CA017] released: 1998]

Released in 2010

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