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Continuum is a collaboration between n-Entropy and g-Quantum whereby sonic constituents are theorised, extrapolated, refined and amalgamated into rhythmic and tonal quanta which transcend the parameters of sound. Their music explores the further reaches of the electromagnetic spectrum, curving time to re-enter our perceptual awareness, downloading new biorhythms and encrypted sound data into the greater gestalt consciousness. Do not miss their apotheosis, when Continuum’s waveforms penetrate existence.

CA038: Re Cognition l Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA030: Habitat l Various Artists
CA021: Pre-Sense l Various Artists
CA021C: Continuum l Neurosis
CAM05: Sampled Synthesis 5 l Various Artists
CAM03: Sampled Synthesis 3 l Various Artists
CAM01: Sampled Synthesis 1 l Various Artists

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