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CA021C: Continuum | Neurosis

Continuum are a collaboration between n-Entropy and g-Quantum whereby sonic constituents are theorised, extrapolated, refined and amalgamated into rhythmic and tonal quanta which transcend the parameters of sound. Their music interrupts the teleological experience of time, accessing alternate perceptual dimensions and reconfiguring the modern frequency matrix in a process known as sonic transubstantiation.

Combining elements of techno, post-rock, glitch, darkwave and classic Western soundtracks, the soundwaves within the Neurosis EP penetrate existence….

Neurosis was originally released on the Clan Analogue 1998 compilation Pre-Sense: A Convergence of Southern Harmonic Waves. Where have Continuum been since their apotheosis? n-Entropy and g-Quantum have been seen in Random Acts of Elevator Music and Mike Noga’s Gentlemen of Fortune, amongst other sightings…

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Track Listing

1. Neurosis (Radio Edit)
2. Transient Drift
3. The Eternal
4. Embryo
5. Neurosis

Originally released in 1999

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