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CA-M04: Sampled Synthesis 4 | Various Artists

Sampled Synthesis volume 4 continues to pursue electronic sound to the extremes of the electromagnetic spectrum. For volume 4, Clan Analogue have explored the disturbing underbelly of sonic manipulation, to produce a collection of psychological sonics and tones of indeterminate probability. Listen if you have the will…

Included on Sampled Synthesis 4:

Evan on Earth l Rob Witt Bassic Trip03
Exploring the feeling of humming and rumbles, these sounds are blended field recordings, taken from a spacecraft’s close orbit to Earth.
This Corporate Militia l In Defence of Imperialism
With much experience in locking doors and leaving windows open, This Corporate Militia provide added security for any paranoid imperialist.
Old Des Peres l Rocket Number 10
Jazz from the far side of Pluto, imparted through an intergalactic transistor.
Reductionist l Paris in the Twentieth Century
A sonic exploration of the death of the dream of human progress.
Tolchok l Grit
A soundscape of textures and ambience, layered and cut to take the listener on an aural movie, with the bacardi never far away.
Steal Straight Nine l Eudemon
Arpeggios, strings and clicks vanish in a ball of reverb.
City Frequencies l The Quiet
4am in the city, alone with the sounds of pure existence.
Tahl l Iniquity and Sin
Gritty reality-based drum’n’bass after a trip to the medicine cabinet.
Winduptoys l Cryptic (dub)
Forms, shapes and fragments collide and coalesce until disequillibrium is reached.
Klej Butapren l Psycavalo
Klej’s last testament before retiring to Queensland, noise, glitch and minimalism are mixed using antique analogue headphones.

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Originally released in 2003

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