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CA-M05: Sampled Synthesis 5 | Various Artists

Clan Analogue Melbourne’s limited edition sampler CD Sampled Synthesis volume 5 continues to explore waveforms of all shapes, blending modulations, oscillations and permutations with willful abandon. For machine’n’soul music, listen to Sampled Synthesis 5 with your gain level set for maximum.

Included on Sampled Synthesis 5:

Tahl l Not Just Sayin It
The Nelson Mandela of electronic music returns from seclusion, bearing grudges and prophesying doom.
Kaputnik l Charlie Don’t Surf
An ode to giving up Charlie and learning to enjoy weekends in Frankston.
Purple World l Thud
An experiment in slow jungle rhythms, with a humorous twist.
2-Bit Orchestra vs Winduptoys l Buzz
Winduptoys give 2-Bit Orchestra the demolition treatment.
Old Des Peres l Gawdo
Mixing the beauty of the traditional Chinese language with the ugliness of the modern machines, here is a track to titillate your ocular sensory range and get your buttock muscles pulsing.
Zog l July 2002 Track 3
Taking a break from meltdown, a slow rhythmic virus invades the system.
Fluffy T l Financial Advice
Fluffier than Jesus, DJ John Farnham and his cohorts claim their rightful mantle as electronic music’s premier export commodity.
Evan on Earth l Fatwave Fred
Inspired by an interplanetary traffic control officer, on a late ’89 Friday night, doing the rounds on his regular beat between the four Galilean moons of Jupiter.
Tiatto l Where’sYerLove
Synthesized jet engines lead into a high-energy garage groove, layered with jazzy Rhodes chords, synth-string flourishes and ring-modulated bells.
Continuum l Cosmological Constant
The sine waves of n-Entropy and g-Quantum penetrate existence in their greatest triumph yet.
The Good Omen l Sleepless
A late night awakening to dance music, infused with science fiction and emotion.
Zaziz l Clearing
Groove of the electrowarm kind from Melbourne’s poet of funk.

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Originally released in 2004

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