DJ ZAZIZ plays oldwave/ nufunk / breakbeats/ oldjunk/ hip hop / jazzyness / and ambient weirdness. Or you could say “afro-centric/hypnotic/eccentric music”. Biggest current inspirations: electric-period Miles; Squarepusher; Funky Porcini; the Godfather; Glen Velez; Clan Analogue artists.

ZAZIZ is the name Matt Hetherington uses for his musical work. He grew up in Canberra, played guitar in bands with influential musicians such as Andrew Kelly (Glide), Dave Lewis (The Bedridden) & Muzz Schaefer (The Entwined) in bands as diverse as A Goat, The Galloping Fingers of Oblivion, and The Silence. In 1995, he came to Melbourne, and learnt darbukka and djembe with Anita Larkin of Ta’esh Fa’esh, played bass with guys like Tim Pledger (Bohjass, City City City) & Jonno Edmunds (Mid-State Orange) in ‘Shed’, playing at places like 303 & The Planet’s ‘Make It Up Club’.

ZAZIZ has released two albums, Things To Make & Do (’02) & The Big M (’03), as well as an album with Shed, Live at Ruckers (’03), all on Ruthless Records. Recently he developed the Intone: Voice Abstractions album concept with Robert Boehm and assisted in compiling the music prior to release.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists

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