Clan Analogue launch Intone at Grumpys Green in Melbourne

Clan Analogue launch their new compilation Intone: Voice Abstractions at Grumpys Green on Thursday the 5th of November with a lineup of performers specialising in voice-scrambling experimental sonics.

KOshowKO, City Frequencies, Wonderfeel, Automatic Teller Machine Machine and DJ Winduptoy all have tracks featured on the Intone compilation, showcasing their unique experimental and electronic treatments of the human voice. At Grumpys Green, 125 Smith St Fitzoy, from 8pm onwards, these artists will push their manipulations of vocalisation and verbiage to further extremes in a live, improvisational setting. Object_State will provide formant-bending visuals. Entry is free.

KOshowKO performs an iPad-driven set of improvisational sonics, with live sampling from the audience used as source-material to develop abstract beats and on-the-fly ambience. KOshowKO’s track ‘Now You’re Talking Baby’ on Intone uses recordings of the artist’s baby to create a sonic exploration of human semantic development.

City Frequencies are revisiting the conversations they recorded for their Café Voyeur sound installation from 10 years ago, remixing and recontextualising this sonic material for a new era of urban social interaction. Their Intone track ‘The Most Beautiful Walk’ utilises the musings of a café-patron on her day out in the sunshine.

Wonderfeel will make a rare journey from the hills to perform a set of primal rhythms and manipulated tonal chanting. The performance will include a live reconvolution of the immense natural reverb recorded in the concrete carpark under the Arts Centre heard in their track on Intone.

Automatic Teller Machine Machine will start the evening with a set veering from ambient to industrial sounds. Their Intone contribution ‘Kronik Tonic’ processes human voices with analogue circuitry and additional layers of digital distortion.

DJ Winduptoy is Jeremy Smith, one half of the legendary Winduptoys. His fellow Winduptoy Robert ‘Bo’ Boehm came up with the original concept for Intone but sadly passed away before the album was completed. The last completed Winduptoys track ‘Broken Language’ is included on the album.

Intone: Voice Abstractions is available now in multiple formats and from multiple outlets.

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