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CA030: Habitat: Environmental Sound Research | Various Artists

After a gestation period spanning decades, the long-awaited Clan Analogue compilation Habitat resonates into existence in music stores in your neighbourhood.

Habitat: Environmental Sound Research, like its predecessor Aphelion, explores the subtler and more mysterious corners of Clan Analogue. From chilled downbeats to glitch minimalism, old-school ambience to sonic collage, Habitat is perfect for those abstract moments of contemplation and absorption, those moments of oneness with the interstices of existence.

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Habitat features a cross-section of Clan Analogues biorhythmic specimens. Sydney’s ambient specialist Kazumichi Grime and groove merchants 5000 Fingers of Dr T are juxtaposed with Melbourne’s sonic pioneers Continuum and Clowns Smiling Backwards. Pretty Boy Crossover, shortly to be heard on their Any Number Can Play CD, deliver a slice of melancholic meditation with chill-out veterans Controlled Atmosphere returning to up the phylum levels. Telemetry Orchestra offshoot Entertainment Unit make their debut while Soft Spoken Spanky takes a break from the Futile Sound of Brunswick. In the meantime, newer Clan Analogue genetic strains such as Tolchok, Kaputnik, Reductionist and Evan On Earth are evolving to reverberate their own tones into the future.

Possibly the most mature and interesting CD to yet emerge from the Clan Analogue roster, Habitat is the Australian chill-out classic eagerly awaited by trippers, lovers and office workers alike. Enter Habitat.

Australian Dance Music Award nomination for Best Compilation

“Moves from sinister filmic moments to peaceful melancholic happenings, featuring 12 evocative tracks perfectly suited to home listening”
Drum Media

“As home listening it’s quietly captivating, but as a study of mood alteration and the use of sound to create replications of environment, it’s eerily on the ball”
Cyclic Defrost

“Largely meditative electronic music which lie between the dancefloor’s pulse and more impenetrable electro-acoustics”
Real Time

Track Listing

1. Tolchok | clkhp
2. Pretty Boy Crossover | Disappearing Music for Face
3. Kaputnik | Horizon
4. Kazumichi Grime | Rounded
5. Entertainment Unit | Bee Suspicious
6. Continuum | Balladonia
7. Soft Spoken Spanky | Grubbing for Truffles
8. Clowns Smiling Backwards | Perpetual Motion
9. Controlled Atmosphere | Hash Browns
10. Reductionist | The Locked Door
11. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | The Endless Synapse
12. Evan on Earth | Lullaby for the Sleepness Night

Originally released in 2002

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