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CA011: Aphelion One: A Gathering of Slow Beats & Experimental Soundscapes | Various Artists

Acclaimed as a seminal release in Australia’s chill-out and experimental electronic music scene of the 1990s, Aphelion One operates at the boundaries of style, from rhythmic, disjointed works to soundscapes and atmospheres. Aphelion One includes the early work of prominent sound artists such as Kazumichi Grime and Shannon O’Neill, also showcasing the darker side of dance artists 5000 Fingers of Dr T, Nerve Agent and more.

One of the first Clan Analogue CD releases, Aphelion One gave Australian ambient-electronic producers a rare opportunity to get their material out to a listening audience. This CD was extremely well received when it was released in 1996, and still stands the test of time even today.

“An absorbing menagerie of sparse electronic sounds… highly unique and often daring”
Beat Magazine

“Loosely connected vignettes that drift from ambience to bubbling rhythms and short stabs of frequency… A remarkable sense of diversity, chance and imagination”
Drum Media

“Experimental and weird but also highly enjoyable loungeroom freakiness”
3D World

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Track Listing

1. 5000 Fingers of Dr T l Separation
2. Shannon O’Neill l Vaguely Familial
3. Dread King l Hymn
4. Eidolon l The Spore
5. Io l Callisto
6. Eidolon l Toronaga
7. The Family l Dead Zebra Jaw
8. Io l Ganymede
9. Flux l Cabal
10. Dread King l Metaphysics of Magicians
11. Eidolon l Return to Donnelaith
12. Io l Europa
13. Kazumichi Grime l Inside:out
14. Nerve Agent l Noosphere (live)

Originally released in 1996

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