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CA007: Cog | Various Artists

Cog was Clan Analogue’s first full-length compilation double album and is possibly the most important release of Australian electronic music in the 1990s. This album includes cool ambient dub through experimental soundscapes to hot and hard doof-factor 9 from outer space. Infusion contribute an early epic stomper prior to their international techno superstardom. Acid ensemble Krang produce a ten minute masterpiece of unrelenting intensity. Other acts include ex-Severed Heads experimentalist Garry Bradbury in his own outfit Size and psychedelic trance from Holy Terra. A masterpiece for any situation – dance floor, home listening, chillout, late night experimental radio and even prime-time broadcasting!

“Pretty damn good… Some of the most inspirational techno by unsigned bands from Sydney and elsewhere”
Paul Mac

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Track Listing

1. Krang l Acid Plastik
2. Telharmoneom l Zod
3. Barouche Landaus l Nth
4. Size l Bill Reynolds Bludges Petrol
5. Size l Tuna Helper Radio Glove
6. Atone l Hope Afro
7. Atone l Lost and Found
8. Area 51 l They’re Human
9. Area 51 l Way Below Zero
10. Infusion l Smokescreen
11. Nowzero l Inner, Inside, Interior, Internal
12. Soylent Green l Planet of the Dopes
13. Nanotech l Navaho
14. Nanotech l Morphogenesis
15. SMERSH l Booster
16. Holy Terra l In Some Cases, Don’t You Love Me Baby
17. Holy Terra l Blue World
18. Dark Network l Jooces
19. Andy l Spring
20. Andy l Jasm

Originally released in 1995.

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  1. Nice write up james, brings back memories of struggling to get the mastering done in time haha – George from Soylent Green

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