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CA012: Jaunt: Bass Heavy Excursions in Time & Space | Various Artists

The Jaunt compilation traverses the sonic terrain from jungle and hip-hop inspirations through to ambient dubs and abstract grooves. Blurring the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, digital and analogue, the album explores the fringes of bass, beat and percussion, bringing together some of Australia’s most well established dub artists alongside cross-field interventions from experimental and analogue sound composers. Originally released in the mid-1990s, Jaunt includes contributions from some of the era’s up-and-coming electronic music artists, including later members of Telemetry Orchestra, B(if)tek and Disco Stu. The album also includes contributions by Canberra hypno-acid maestros Dark Network and Sydney dub stalwarts Atone and Sheriff Lindo.

“Dubbed-out influences and a fractured sense of musical dadaism”
Drum Media

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1. Negative America l Audioplastique
2. Hypnoblob l Insert2
3. Hypnoblob l Ugly Dub
4. WUAL l Insert4
5. John Gillies l Persuasive Percussion
6. Sheriff Lindo & Boo Boo l Flagon Fulla Dub
7. WUAL l Insert7
8. Atone l Hellhole (Hashish Mix)
9. Alphabug l Cloudchamber
10. The Spartacus Barraworn l Dash Ram
11. WUAL l Insert11
12. Shannon O’Neill l Dry Dub
13. Dark Network l Sliding Windows
14. Dark Network l Test Pattern
15. Hypnoblob l Insert15

Originally released in 1996

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