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CA014: Cognition: A Collection of Twisted Grooves and Reconstructed Beats | Various Artists

Clan Analogue hit the funk with this double album dancefloor extravaganza. As well as producing Clan Analogue’s first bona fide radio hit in B(if)tek’s ‘Bedrock’, this release contained many classic tracks by such fantastic Australian artists as Telemetry Orchestra, Dark Network, Kazumichi Grime, Atone and Nerve Agent. From abstract idm sounds through to infectious funk grooves, this compilation has a beat for everyone.

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Track listing

1. Telemetry Orchestra l Twitch Kid
2. B(if)tek l Bedrock
3. Dark Network l Carpet Tirade
4. Atone l Scan 1 v.2
5. Professor Stanislavski l Serotonin
6. 8-Bit l You Never Call Me Anymore
7. Jon Wicks l Systems
8. Mod Thing l Undo-Late
9. Never You Mind l Conspira Track #0.5
10. Artificial l Car Crash
11. Carrier l Sauce
12. Globe l Superbassfunk
13. Ali Omar l Jungle Blues
14. The Flow l Phoenix
15. Kazumichi Grime l Simple Harmonic Motion
16. Genlevel l Benzondrak
17. Sirkus of Sorts l Just Get the Job Done
18. Moo l Static
19. 5000 Fingers of Dr T l You’re Not Rich
20. Inertia l Slow Dive (parts 1-4)
21. Harmonic 33 l Life is But a Stopping Place for the Traveller
22. Nerve Agent l Grill Chef Wanted
23. Nve l st9
24. Terra 9 l Magic

Originally released in 1997

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