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CA015: Atone | Crucified, Stitched Up and Then Some

Sydney’s foremost dub deviants, Atone produced Crucified, Stitched Up and Then Some as a follow-up to their cassette debut Atonement. Crucified, Stitched Up and Then Some is a collection of lush tones, cut-up beats and infectious dubs, stepping forward into chemical madness.

Atone, at the time of this release, consisted of Andy Fitzgerald and Ali Omar, electronic refugees from England’s North who relocated to Sydney several years ago. Ali Omar has since released several 12s and CDs of his own, having split from the Atone fold, but Atone continues to impress with new material appearing all the time.

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Track listing

1. Love Don’t Come Easy
2. Citynew
3. El Dorado
4. 60s
5. End the Occupation
6. On the Run
7. Let It Go
8. Beatific Vision
9. Voodoo Doll
10. King Blood
11. Seeking Mr KY
12. Dub Odyssey

Originally released in 1997

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