The Family

Between the years of 1993-95, The Family (Scott Barnes, Thom McIntyre, Phoebe Jeebe) recorded and performed both structured and improvised works, mainly using electronic instruments and samplers. The sound ranged from longer intonation based compositions to proto electonica and experimental dance genres. The Family operated within inspiring local music scenes including Clan Analogue and alternative dance and club environments.

Scott Barnes said ‘I remember a lot of cross pollination and fluidity of members between many of the acts operating locally at the time. There were always opportunities to try out something new in front of a receptive audience. Within the members of the Family were a wide range of diverse influences, making it a dynamic fun project to work in.’

Phoebe Jeebe says ‘I loved the one off nature of everything we made. There was such a shared pleasure in the preparation, planning and discussion and setting up of all the gear. It was such a crescendo to the actual moment of playing the piece.’

Thom McIntyre says ‘We worked in a stimulating environment, both socially and with increasingly powerful electronics becoming available. It felt as though the sounds came through quite naturally and found their own focus without much expectation of what we may have felt we “should” be making, the immediate nature of analogue controls helping it flow.’

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA046: Analogue Redux | Various Artists
CA038X: Cognition X | Various Artists
CA011: Aphelion One | Various Artists
CA003: Clan Analogue DeEP 3 | Various Artists