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Kazumichi Grime

Kazumichi Grime is a sound artist, techno producer and visual artist / director residing in Sydney, Australia.

He has been actively involved in producing electronic music and running electronic music labels like Pneuma and Clan Analogue since 1992. He was instrumental in setting up the early days of the Clan Analogue label and collective with Brendan Palmer in 1992. From 1992 to 1996, Grime and Palmer collaborated as a band called ‘Telharmoneom’ featuring a broad spectrum of sound making processes, although mostly based in the analogue realm. They performed impromptu live techno at numerous dance parties and outdoor ‘raves’ and in ‘chill out’ rooms. Currently, Grime’s aesthetic crosses the zones of experimental sound art, drone and minimal techno composition.

He has a fond interest in both music derived from software composition and manipulation as well as the use of older style technologies like analogue synthesis, analogue sequencing and tape delays. In 2000, Grime developed his own experimental audio/visual mixing software which is part of the ACMI collection at Federation Square, Melbourne.

Grime has released numerous tracks on compilation CDs, vinyl records, cassette compilations and on mp3 labels around the world including Clan Analogue, Pneuma, Zonar Records, ConV, Anechoic Media and earLabs. Notable events and shows include… Impermanent Audio, Cryogenesis , Big Day Out, Variable Resistance San Francisco MOMA, Electrofringe, Audio Ideas, Static Museum and dArt.

Grime incorporates video art projections into live sound art sets which have been performed at events such as The Big Day Out, eScapes, Disorientation, The MCA and Liquid Architecture Festivals. As well as his own solo practice, Grime has collaborated on a number of projects with artists such as Kim Cascone, Gary Bradbury, Anthony Guerra, Andy Polaine and has also developed a number of pieces as a sound artist for video artist Shaun Gladwell, including the 2007 Venice Biennial piece, ‘Storm Sequence’ and his 2009 Venice Biennial show. Gladwell’s video art with Grime’s sound design are featured and held within collections at numerous galleries and museums internationally.

Grime also works as a commercial artist and has been involved in music video directing, commercials directing and film visual effects art direction since 2000.

CA054: Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space | Various Artists
CA041: Headspace | Various Artists
CA038X: Cognition X | Various Artists
CA036: Clan Analogue In Version | Various Artists
CA032: Defocus | Various Artists
CA031: Pretty Boy Crossover | Any Number Can Play
CA030: Habitat | Various Artists
CA025: Cognition 3 | Various Artists
CA014: Cognition | Various Artists
CA011: Aphelion One | Various Artists

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