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Pretty Boy Crossover

Prettyboy Crossover began in 1996 as a side-project for Jason Sweeney, who at the time was writing and playing in various bands in adelaide, australia, some pop, some experimental.

In 1998, Jason met Cailan Burns, a visual artist/designer/illustrator/electronic music boy – and the Crossover began. First of all as an electronica-based radio show, then into a recording project. during this time Jason had already compiled tracks (the majority of which had been used in short films, theatre performance, live club events and art installations) which eventuated into the debut CD, ‘System Soundtracks 01’ in 1998 on the Pleasurecraft label.

in 1999 Adelaide-based label Surgery signed up Pretty Boy Crossover and here they are, releasing the LP “The Building & Formation”.
Two accompanying releases include the EP+remixes “Any Number Can Play” on Clan Analogue and a special 12” vinyl-only issue tracks taken from “The Building & Formation” on Optikut Records.

At other times, Jason records with Nicole Lowrey (Toupee) – with some added help from Cailan, as Other People’s Children (releases on Morr Music and Library Records) – and Jason also has some jangle pop electronica with Simpatico, a kind of ‘solo’ outfit that records for american label, Matinee Recordings – as well as… too many other side-projects. Jason also makes soundtracks for film, dance and theatre around Australia. Recently he has produced ambient music as Panoptique Electrical, released on Sensory Projects.

Cailan is also a renown designer and illustrator and has been published worldwide! He has released music under the name of Mystery Twin and is also the man about town known as Hunch. You can see him DJ at many fine places where all good beats, melodee and glitch reside.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA032: Defocus | Various Artists
CA031: Pretty Boy Crossover | Any Number Can Play
CA030: Habitat | Various Artists
CA025: Cognition 3 | Various Artists
CAM02: Sampled Synthesis 2 | Various Artists
CAM01: Sampled Synthesis 1 | Various Artists

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