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Dark Network

Bo Daley and Tim O’Loughlin started working together in 1994, producing a series of dark analogue groove pieces from their base in Canberra along with another group co-founder, Michael Dowling (who since left to work on his own musical projects).

Dark Network have been linked to the Panopticon conspiracy, which recorded several obscure mind-control experiments in 1994-1996 and organised as many as 11 underground outdoor electronic events in and around Stromlo Forest, just outside Canberra.

They recorded their first album in 1996, and buried it soon afterwards. A second album was recorded in 2001 and released on Clan Analogue Recordings in 2003, the long-awaited Late Set.

Bo Daley also works on projects with Kate Crawford, including Clone and Terry Nation. Tim O’Loughlin works solo as Suspect.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA033: Late Set | Dark Network
CA032: Defocus | Various Artists
CA025: Cognition 3 | Various Artists
CA020: Twenty Disco Greats | Various Artists
CA014: Cognition | Various Artists
CA012: Jaunt | Various Artists
CA007: Cog | Various Artists
CAC01: Schizmatrix | Various Artists

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