Iubar Project

iubar Project originally began in 2009 in Biala Podlaska (a city in eastern Poland) with Jarek Bińkowski’s guitar recordings. In 2011, Jarek’s high school friend – Martin K, took a break from working on popular-music centered projects such as KOshowKO and Philosophy Of Sound to start producing Iubar’s material, which included adding electronic parts and manipulating existing guitar recordings. Since 2014, Martin has been creating new material and performing solo as Iubar Project. His live performances incorporate touch-screen technology and live sampling. Iubar’s main areas of focus are ambient, ambient-jazz, drone and noise styles as well as post-classical improvisation.

CA054: Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space | Various Artists
CA050: Coordinate | Various Artists
CA047B Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan | The Bolted Report