Shane Osterfield

Since childhood Shane Osterfield had a love for music and a leaning towards the psychedelic. Listening to the radio when he was young he felt there was a lack of psychedelia since the late 60s and set out to do something about it. In the late 90s Shane got his hands on a computer and some good software and the fun began. HE began releasing home-made CDs under the name Zambolitz and sharing with friends and radio announcers, occasionally getting played on Melbourne radio. With no musical training the music was primitive but the journey had begun.  Then, after many years living in Melbourne he managed to escape the noise and crowds of city life for the peace of remote hilly country Victoria where he lives today. With a new computer and much better software, as well as some online training, he found a whole new sound. Always working alone, until now, he felt his music was improving but knew there was better stuff to come. The search for the perfect psychedelic song continues…

CA050: Coordinate | Various Artists