477 is the creative entity arising from the solder fumes of its former moniker circuitbender and is set to continue, into the nü LED lit phuture to reignite its legacy of innovative simplicity fused with sonic originality. 

Modded kids educational toys and pro gear, alongside arduino based sound modules, topped with varied mobile devices, compounded into individualistic sonic murals. 477 is a state of mind. A place where dub mingles and dictates the terms and conditions of far out sonic excursions, followed by b2b compression sessions of praising jah at the pyramid of black midi. A lofi 64-bit signal pushing through patterns of snow crashed cryptic basic, raster bars of loading screens, alongside lashings of syncopated bass frequencies.

As a live performed concoction, 477 is above cheese, but below brilliance, relying upon accidental efflorescence to curate momentary veins of ‘next’ level yestermoments…

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists