I’m experimenting with my varied collection of old-school personal computers like the Amiga1200 / Atari 1040ste and its aging yet still pretty popular music making software (Protracker, maxymiser, to name a few) and other classic video game consoles utilising tools like the ever-popular chiptune tracker (LSDJ) or a MIDI interface (USB-BOY) to (mGB) on a heavily modified ‘prosounded’, LTC1799 precision oscillator enabled Gameboy (DMG001) / and other hardware like the MidiNES (MIDI Enabled Stereo(!) NES) and a collection of groove boxes and VSTs I’ve accumulated over the years of my ceaseless fascination and enthusiasm with creating one’s audio.

The hack/DIY appeal to creating music has always been a fun part of it all.

I’m generating and recording/remixing with a variety of different methods to create. It’s often the experience of creating and messing with technology and getting things to communicate (MIDI/OSC) getting all the senses excited along with it.

 Creating/tweaking/destroying things audio and visual is a lot of fun,

I dig trackers; Renoise is completely amazing to get absorbed in.

I also VJ, supporting electronic music (a lot of breakcore and chiptune parties for example), creating audio-reactive installations and I do live VJing.

I have also taken part in from 2012 to 2018 (a once every 2-year project of creating a track once a week) – I hope it’s back on for 2020? we’ll see!.

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA055M: Ming One | Addiction
CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists