RockNo at Swamplands | Ming EP launch

Clan Analogue launch Ming’s Addiction EP with RockNo at Swamplands

Clan Analogue re-emerges from hibernation with a night of electronic rock and techno ready to blast from the soundsystem at Swamplands, 744 High St, Thornbury, on Saturday 17th of July, from 8pm until late.

Ming’s techno odyssey from record store junkie to rave party DJ culminates with the launch of his new EP Addiction. Ming will unleash his addictive personality with a beat-driven headlining set at RockNo, moving from progressive to breakbeat and beyond.

Joining the RockNo lineup is Melbourne performer Dylan Beast, at his first Clan Analogue performance, unveiling his new industrial electronic rock sound and a batch of songs examining today’s technology-mediated landscape through noise and energy.

Hardware hacker Aday will start the night with a hi-NRG glitch breakcore set before moving to VJing duties for a dose of psychedelic visual mayhem.

Keeping the momentum rising for the night will be Melbourne DJ Ollie Lee, playing a selection of styles from across techno history and displaying his deep love and affinity with Melbourne dance music over the last two decades.

After contributions to the recent Analogue Redux and Mobile Strategies compilations, Ming has now produced his first artist release on the Clan Analogue label – the Addiction EP. With six new tracks plus remixes by Ollie Lee, Times of the Sines and Aday, Addiction celebrates all things techno – a musical style which has provided constant inspiration to artists throughout Clan Analogue’s existence as Australia’s most legendary electronic music collective.

Celebrate the re-emergence into the night of live electronic music with Clan Analogue’s RockNo, a night of electronic rock and techno, at Swamplands, 744 High St, Thornbury, on Saturday the 17th of July from 8pm, with sets from Ming, Dylan Beast, Aday and DJ Ollie Lee, and VJing by Aday.

Addiction is available from Clan Analogue in streaming, download and limited edition CD formats.