Ollie Lee

Ollie Lee first discovered underground electronic music in 1999 at Madass 3, a warehouse rave just off Spencer St. in Melbourne. This was followed shortly after by Earthcore 1999-2000, a week-long, life-changing experience that sent him on a journey of electronic music appreciation and discovery over the next 2 decades.  

During this time, Ollie has seen many dancefloors across Australia and the world, informing the music that now comes through him. Ollie does not really know what he is doing musically. He has a good ear but relies heavily on pressing buttons, twiddling knobs and shifting things around until they sound pleasing. He has had a good decade off making any music but is glad to be back, and with all the amazing technology available these days, it has been made easier than ever before.

Ollie has recently started tinkering with a live setup, so keep an eye out in the future for a live set coming to a dancefloor near you.  

CA058: Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations | Various Artists
CA055M: Ming | Addiction