Times of the Sines

Jason Fewings is a Perth based artist who started his musical journey on the piano at age 4. Playing guitar, bass and piano throughout school he started producing at 18 after hearing European EBM. Jason was keyboard and bass player for the goth band Sage and played many shows in Perth in the 90’s and at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2000 with LD 120. LOST was an avenue for release of ambient music. LD 120 and LOST were released through Perth’s Semikazi group in the early naughties. Jason also performed at several raves in Perth with EMAS, both musically and with lighting and live animation with Godlike Productions.

Jason teamed up with James Side (ex Sensory Overload and Schlerb) in the mid 2000’s releasing a substantial amount of music under LD 120, LOST and The X-Lander.  In 2018, James and Jason started a new project Times Of The Sines as a more concentrated and professional outfit, soon having a distribution deal with Lightarmour Editions. Jason is currently producing with Times Of The Sines, runs the Mastering Vast Kurzweil Forums, and builds synth editing plugins through Godlike Productions. Jason is also an active contributor to the Perth Artifactory and can often be found performing at NoizeMachin.

CA058: Cognition 303 | Various Artists
CA057H: Dylan Beast | How Long
CA055M: Ming | Addiction