Distance triple-cassette set

Contains drone-friendly tape hiss!

With the release of Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space in 2020 Clan Analogue has returned to the cassette format, embracing drone-friendly tape hiss with this collection of extended abstract sonic experiments.

Distance collects ten drone compositions blending noise and meditation in equal measure. The tracks are spread over three cassettes, available individually or as part of the full set.

To purchase cassettes, head over to Clan Analogue’s Bandcamp merch page. Alternatively check out streaming and download options on the Distance release page.

Cassette 1:

  1. figital l welcome to the future (part 1)
  2. iubar project l Empathy in Action
  3. Jennifer Lea l 13
  4. Sectoral l Spooksteeg Brug

Cassette 2:

  1. WiLL-i-ROMS l Boot Carpet
  2. City Frequencies l The Interests of Entities
  3. Nicole Skeltys and Bill Garrett l Old School
  4. Zogam l Artisanal Hand Sanitiser

Cassette 3:

  1. Kazumichi Grime l Trinity
  2. Michael Mildren l Process Four