Nicole Skeltys

Nicole Skeltys started her artistic outpourings in the 1990s, releasing a swathe of electronica releases with B(if)tek (electro-femme duo with Kate Crawford) and solo ‘hillbilly house and disco lounge’ releases as Artificial. She masterminded the 3 Stoner Classix vinyl releases, which featured tracks by local luminaries such Dark Network and international star Khan, and these releases are now, actually, classics, enjoying a late and slightly bizarre revival on London club playlists.

Since the mid 2000s, Nicole has turned her fiendish talents to folk rock, psychedelic folk and folk-tronica – as she claims she has ‘something to say’. Releases here include albums from Dust, and the eponymously named The Jilted Brides.

Her 12th album, ‘Deal With Your Disenchantment’ released June 2018, is a 21st century woman’s take on Dylan’s classic material of late ’60s/ early ’70s, all original material.

Nicole moved to London in 2013 where she gigged regularly with her band The Disenchanted. A key part of the band and the persuasive Disenchanted sound was suave bassist and blues harpist Robin Hemmings, who also co-wrote ‘Tumbleweeds’, the reimagined version of Kill All Climate Deniers‘ Tumblr. Robin also plays in London-based new waver band The Many Few.

If you feel strongly you need to know more about Nicole then make haste to her website.

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