figital is an ongoing art project fusing new and classic sounds and methods which aims to ask: “is this music?” Influenced by Kandinsky, Stockhausen, Satie, Eno, Namlook and other artists who push the boundaries of their disciplines, figital strives to break the traditional assumption that a song is comprised of chords, harmonies, melodies and lyrics with a clearcut narrative.

First conceived in 1997, the earliest figital sessions were live improvisations and ‘moment in time’ recordings. One of these songs, “Slipping out of your mind (and into something more comfortable)” appeared on the compilation INSTALLATION:02 included with the American magazine MASSTRANSFER in 1998.

At times improvisation has been born from necessity. An early live show in Sydney, Australia (Dec 1998) became a pioneering laptop-only show when a faulty international transformer resulted in a smoking pile of gear, the only survivor a Toshiba Pentium I laptop running Acid 1.0. figital’s set was then improvised using field recordings gathered before the show.

In the 2000s figital expanded into other disciplines including DJing, photography, design and video, and spent a decade living and working in Paris, Osaka and Melbourne. Since 2010 figital has been producing soundtracks for film, TV and video games.

In 2019 figital started releasing work through the Woodwork Recordings label in Canada.

CA054: Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space | Various Artists