RockNo begins Electronic Weekend with 303s at 303

Techno, electronic rock & oversquelched 303s from the legendary Clan Analogue

Celebrating 30 years of underground music, legendary Australian electronic music collective Clan Analogue launch their Electronic Weekend at 303 in the Melbourne Fringe on Friday October 14th with RockNo at Bar 303, 303 High St Northcote.

At RockNo Clan Analogue two opposing musical forces – electronic rock and techno – will collide, producing a unique sonic fragmentation. An amalgamation of high-energy techno and electronic rock artists provide the materials for this musical experiment, as Oolluu, Ming One, Dylan Beast, Ollie Lee and the Clan Analogue 303 Orchestra each take the stage to blast their waveforms throughout 303.

Ming One explores classic techno sounds as he launches his long-awaited EP Addiction, while techno comrade Ollie Lee plays his first Melbourne live tech-house set. Dylan Beast questions modern existence with his electro, breakbeat and industrial-inspired songwriting, highlighting his new single “How Long”. The Clan Analogue 303 Orchestra will see a one-off assembly of Melbourne electronic performers using only TB303s in a unique sonic improvisation to honour this genre-defining instrument. RockNo culminates with a soaring synth-rock set from Oolluu, featuring the virtuosic synth-playing of Ehsan Gelsi.

Clan Analogue’s RockNo takes place at Bar 303, 303 High St, Northcote, starting at 8pm on Friday 14th of October. Clan Analogue’s Electronic Weekend at 303 continues on Saturday night with MicroVirtuosity.

Tickets for RockNo and Clan Analogue’s Electronic Weekend at 303 are available from the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.