Clan Analogue present Sonic Selections, Spectral Visions

Clan Analogue present Sonic Selections, Spectral Visions

Australia’s preeminent electronic music collective Clan Analogue presents a lineup of accomplished live electronic music and VJ performers in an immersive sit-down multimedia show at LongPlay Bar & Cinema in North Fitzroy on Saturday the 14th of October from 7pm. Sonic Selections, Spectral Visions is a curated collection of multi-sensory live performances – ambient and leftfield musical sets matched with video projection improvisations from visual artists especially commissioned for the night. Tickets are available from the Melbourne Fringe.

The sonic selections showcase the work of Clan Analogue artists David Prescott-Steed, Michael Mildren, Reductionist and Evan Sparks, their work spanning ambient tones, experimental music, drone improv and leftfield electronica. The spectral visions will be provided by video artists Jennifer Lea, Aday and Brkn Fixie, ranging from animated charcoal sketches through to high-rez glitch pixelation.

David Prescott-Steed’s sonic textures incorporate industrial music, urban found sound, sample mangling, sculpted noise and modular minimalism. He launches his new album Shadow Music with a live set of heavily-improvised permutations utilising found sound fragments, modular rhythmic patterns and fx-processed loops, via a hybrid analogue/digital workflow, creating a stream-of-consciousness journey through an abstract sonic landscape.

Evan Sparks explores the boundaries of repetition in this collaboration with video artist Brkn Fixie. Abandoning sync and sequence, notes rise and fall in broken cycles, Sparks and Fixie ride the fuzzy surf of a power slowly withdrawn, integrated circuits falling cold and comatose to near silent depths, the rumble of a hidden heart beating in deep time.

Reductionist is the solo project for Nick Wilson, performing a sonic exploration of the evolution of the universe, from energy stasis field to heat-death dissipation, micro-instruments and micro-virtuosic techniques used to express a macro-narrative. Aday’s visuals distort time and manipulate the perception of energy flow.

Michael Mildren’s set explores energy unseen, existing in potential, waiting for the conductive medium to manifest into dimensionality. One analogue mono-synth, from silence, through pink noise, into a loop pedal, resolving into a harmonious aural event, a live improvised recreation of an inner-world soundscape. Jennifer Lea’s projected animations are derived from her work in charcoal, oil paint, pastels and film, an evolving visual overlay.

Sonic Selections, Spectral Visions takes place on Saturday 14th of October, from 7pm, at LongPlay Bar & Cinema, 318 St Georges, Nth Fitzroy. Tickets are available from the Melbourne Fringe website.