Clan Analogue presents 303s on 707 at 303

After convening an all-star TB-303 Orchestra for RockNo in last year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival and celebrating 303 Day on March the 3rd this year with the launch of their acclaimed compilation Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations, Clan Analogue present the third in their trilogy of epic events exploring the Roland TB-303 Bass Line machine – 303s on 707 at 303.

All happening at Bar 303, 303 High St, Northcote, on Friday the 7th of July, Clan Analogue will launch their follow-up volume of TB-303 explorations – Cognition 3031: Further Deviations.

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Performing live will be a lineup of TB-303 maestros, whose squelchy masterpieces can be heard on the new Cognition 3031 album. From classic acid house grooves through to improvised melodic techno, Bar 303 will throb to the sounds of dyLAB, Marcus Newman, Cwerk, Mr Rachele, Speedloader and Ming One, all demonstrating their mastery of the 303 as they push the resonance envelope to new extremes of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Cwerk combines elements of meditative drones and freeform electronica into a quirky psychedelic sonic tapestry.

Marcus Newman blends the influences of 1970s electronic music pioneers with his foot on the pedal of classic acid house and techno.

Mr Rachele recreates the sounds and circuitry of the TB-303 using Eurorack modular gear, bringing futuristic textures and rhythms to an improvisational Euro-techno set.

dyLAB’s minimal hard acid style has been characterised as melancholic and dark. This will be a rare opportunity to see his virtuosic 303 techniques up close.

Speedloader will build a wall of sound crackling with acid screams and punching beats. His set will also feature the classic Roland TR707 drum machine for some relentless pounding tekno noise and to mark the date appropriately.

Ming One will finish the night with a live set featuring the sonic palette of the 303 and 707 with new material developed for the forthcoming follow-up to his Addiction EP.

303s on 707 at 303 takes place on Friday, 7th of July, at Bar 303, 303 High St, Northcote, with live 303s from 8pm until late.

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