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Clan Analogue AGM

It is the time of the year when Clan Analogue members gather together at an AGM to discuss plans for the coming year.

As Clan Analogue members are now scattered around all over the continent and beyond, we’ll be continuing with the online AGM format that has worked well for last couple of years.

AGM for Clan Analogue Recordings
Date and time: Saturday, 3rd of December, 4pm (AEDT)
Location: please email melbourne[at]clananalogue[dot]com for more details and to get link

Chat with other Clan Analogue members, discuss the year that was for Clan, and make new plans for the year ahead.

One thought on “Clan Analogue AGM”

  1. Any plans to run one of these in Sydney?…Would love to be involved…cheers Ricky

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