Thallium & Milo

Thallium and Milo is the Sydney-based musical entity consisting of Christian Durham and Wade Clarke. T&M make music in real time, drawing on every genre they’ve ever encountered as well as the ones they haven’t encountered. They make their music by selecting which instruments or computers each of them will play, pressing record, playing music, and then, fifty-three minutes later on average, saying something like, ‘Shall we wind up now?’, agreeing to do so, winding up the track, and eventually pressing the stop button. Each Thallium & Milo recording is a one-off improvisation.

The core tools of T&M are two laptops sporting Ableton Live, a Zoom multitrack recorder and a domestically converted garage. They also play and record guitars, basses, effects units, effects pedals, drumkits, melodions, assorted keyboards, harmonicas, field recordings, their own voices, the voices of others.

CA044: Intone | Various Artists
CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa Type