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Artificial is the solo artist name for Nicole Skeltys, an Australian musician, composer and producer who has released eleven albums, in styles ranging from electronica… Read more

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Atone are a Sydney dub outfit consisting of Mr Andy Fitzgerald and associated musical collaborators. Early releases featured the late great Ali Omar. They have… Read more


Composer, remixer, mix/master engineer and occasional singer. His output since acquiring his first synthesiser in 1985 encompasses everything from minimal noise and dark ambience to… Read more

Automatic Teller Machine Machine

Automatic Teller Machine Machine press buttons that are very unclean. ATMM have had a long, plodding Audio/Visual trajectory rubbing shoulders with members of Clan Analogue… Read more

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Originally hailing from Canberra, B(if)tek were Nicole Skeltys and Kate Crawford, producing infectiously funky, groovy tunes inspired by analogue electronics, b-grade movies and the films… Read more

Baby Swindle

Baby likes to swindle: making out of kilter detuned electronic music and playing as one half of electro pop act Actual Russian Brides. RELEASES ON… Read more


Barbagallo is the eponymous side project of Julien Barbagallo, the French musician who plays drums in Tame Impala. A movement is graciously but steadily spreading through France,… Read more


Bias is mountains-baked, coast-toasted, Sydney-basted, Scotland-aged, Detroit-infused, machine-made, organically-combined, deep & diverse music. RELEASES ON CLAN ANALOGUE RECORDINGS: CA046: Analogue Redux | Various Artists

Black Lung

David Thrussell is a poet trapped in the body of a hillbilly. Or a hopeless romantic hidden in the twisted frame of a dark electronic… Read more

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Bleepin’ J Squawkins

Once upon a time, a young man called Edward was walking along and he came across a synthesiser. “My, what a curious device” he thought… Read more