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Atone are a Sydney dub outfit consisting of Mr Andy Fitzgerald and associated musical collaborators. Early releases featured the late great Ali Omar. They have had numerous local and international releases receiving well deserved hype for their innovative electronic dub sound. Atone also have a side project called Pear Shaped featuring various guest singers.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038X: Cognition X | Various Artists
CA025: Cognition 3 | Various Artists
CA023: Nerve Agent | G-Type Nerve Agent
CA017: Jaunt 2 | Various Artists
CA015 Atone | Crucified, Stitched Up and Then Some
CA014: Cognition | Various Artists
CA012: Jaunt | Various Artists
CA007: Cog | Various Artists
CA006: Atone | Atonement
CA003: Clan Analogue DeEP3 | Various Artists

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