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Victor Xray

Victor Xray has been accused of making music that is; “deeply uneasy listening”“DUB-HEAVY DOOMSTEP BLEND OF PARANOID DUBBY MADNESS”“crying out to be used as closing credits music for a bleak, low budget horror film”“goes great with a coffee & a spliff first thing in the morn!” … and … ” breakbeats that roll like glaciers, heavy on the bass”.

Since the 1990s Victor Xray has made dub or dub-influenced in projects such as “Nerve Agent In Dub”. This music ranged from traditional and quite conservative dub reggae through to more dancehall and digi-dub styled projects. In 2002 he decided to bring the modern dub influence to the centre of his musical output culminating in the recent exploration of the sounds of UK Garage and dub-derived genres like dubstep. This intersection of dub, minimal, and dubstep resulted in the Victor Xray sound that is heard in his current releases.

Victor Xray is currently exiled in Brisbane, Australia.

Here’s an interview with Victor Xray in Cyclic Defrost magazine from 2007.

Victor Xray website (XRAY DUBS)

CA036: Clan Analogue In Version | Various Artists
CA034: Doppler Shift | Various Artists

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