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City Frequencies

City Frequencies is a partnership between two Melbourne artists (Nick Wilson and Matt Adair) that explores the urban environment as a source of music and… Read more

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Versus Overwhelming Conformist Tendencies CMI is the solo project for Mark Ireland of Carrier. RELEASES ON CLAN ANALOGUE RECORDINGS CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa… Read more


Tony Tralongo aka COCOON has been creating music since the beginning of the 1980’s when he started producing progressive musical pieces comprising vox/pop hymns and… Read more

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Continuum is a collaboration between n-Entropy and g-Quantum whereby sonic constituents are theorised, extrapolated, refined and amalgamated into rhythmic and tonal quanta which transcend the… Read more

Damian Tangram

Damian Tangram is a live electronica performer whose music is ambient, rhythmic and clear, with distinctive melodies. His performances enmbrace the feel of hardware, with… Read more

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Dark Network

Bo Daley and Tim O’Loughlin started working together in 1994, producing a series of dark analogue groove pieces from their base in Canberra along with… Read more

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Data Transmit

Data Transmit is the alter ego of electronic musician and drummer Nicholas Gray. After a few years of playing in bands and orchestras he stumbled… Read more

David Prescott-Steed

David Prescott-Steed is a sound artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. As well as being active in the experimental music scene, David has participated… Read more

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Rick Bull is a recording artist, remixer, graphic designer, insomniac, dubnologist and exponent of subliminal funk. Voyaging in the tenuous rift between rhodes-driven vinylised crust,… Read more

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Disco Stu

A fake-afro-enhanced side project of Ian Andrews / Hypnoblob. Disco Stu’s fonky-ass debut album “Adult Themes” was released on Clan Analogue Recordings in 1999. RELEASES… Read more