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BluNjin is the pseudonym of Tieran Kimber. Hailing from Melbourne, he has been obsessed by the textures and colours of sound and inspired by music… Read more

Campbell Drummmond

Campbell Drummond is a Sydney-based cinematographer and editor who DJs, promotes small parties and produces music under the name crookedmouth. Campbell was once a drummer… Read more

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CARRIER is a Clan Analogue member who recorded “The Foley Artists“ at home on a 4 track. This may not be terribly amazing if it… Read more

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Che is an obscure artist from Sydney on which we have little information. RELEASES ON CLAN ANALOGUE RECORDINGS: CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa Type


Cherry2000 are Rachael Chaos, Jules Kim, Michael Sheridan and Andy Rantzen. Andy is an electro producer and member of the ARIA-Award winning Australian techno duo… Read more

chr15m + fenris

Forming in 2001, Chr15m + Fenris are notable for their circuit-bending approach to retro computing avant-garde music. Using rewired and custom programmed Commodore 64’s, a… Read more

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City Frequencies

City Frequencies is a partnership between two Melbourne artists (Nick Wilson and Matt Adair) that explores the urban environment as a source of music and… Read more

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Versus Overwhelming Conformist Tendencies CMI is the solo project for Mark Ireland of Carrier. RELEASES ON CLAN ANALOGUE RECORDINGS CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa… Read more


Tony Tralongo aka COCOON has been creating music since the beginning of the 1980’s when he started producing progressive musical pieces comprising vox/pop hymns and… Read more

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Continuum is a collaboration between n-Entropy and g-Quantum whereby sonic constituents are theorised, extrapolated, refined and amalgamated into rhythmic and tonal quanta which transcend the… Read more