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BluNjin is the pseudonym of Tieran Kimber. Hailing from Melbourne, he has been obsessed by the textures and colours of sound and inspired by music as diverse as jazz, blues, 20th century classical and 70’s electronic music since his old man strapped on a set of headphones and blasted 180gram vinyl into his ears. BluNjin provides a musical release of this amalgam of influences and a vehicle for further sonic exploration.
2011 saw the release of his first EP “Steam Emission is Normal” – a raw and energetic recording that fulfilled a desire to experiment with a longer format. Since then, new compositions have seen a move to experiments with darker ambient textures and arpeggiated analogue synthesisers.

BluNjin’s music is simple revelry in the abstraction of sound and its ability to challenge conventions about what music is and where you can take it.

You can hear some more recent BluNjin tracks at

CA058: Cognition 303 | Various Artists
CA046: Analogue Redux | Various Artists

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