Automatic Teller Machine Machine

Automatic Teller Machine Machine press buttons that are very unclean.
ATMM have had a long, plodding Audio/Visual trajectory rubbing shoulders with members of Clan Analogue since the late 90’s, playing several warehouse gigs as a 3-peice live electronic act, plus a few soundtracks for films you have not heard of, a guest spot on Radio Skid Row; and in the guise of VJJax, visuals have been thrown for countless indoor and outdoor events as part of DSS Sound System, Death by Bass, Lethal Rhythm, Figure8 and Low Society, projecting onto names like Borgore, Datsik, MarkN, Paul Blackout, Sofie Loizou, Monkfly, Ribongia, Scattered Order and Kinderschmerzen.
ATMM are proud to finally be part of the Clan for the Intone compilation, delivering sonic textures originating from the natural human voice processed with analog circuitry, yet digitised to institutionalise industrialised lies forming a ghettoised highrise of clandestine enterprise.

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CA044: Intone | Various Artists

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