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Actual Russian Brides

Actual Russian Brides are an electronic pop duo with feet in Sydney and Berlin. Vocalist Elle Knox and media jockey Baby Swindle, sans laptop, deliver finely-crafted tracks full of analogue synths, machines, knives, toys and quixotic lyrics.

Described as “accurate and spellbinding”, Actual Russian Brides were born quivering into a Berlin winter, debuted with Miss Sled on Brigade Music Berlin, and became exponentially hotter. Look for them on compilations by New Weird Australia, on Clan Analogue’s Headspace, touring Germany with labelmate Manekinekod, or playing their atmospheric live shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Their 2013 EP Wife Beats is out through Clan Analogue.

CA042R: Actual Russian Brides | Wife Beats
CA041: Headspace | Various Artists

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