Volunteers wanted to test Future Security Agency audio

Volunteers wanted to test Future Security Agency audioare you eligible?

Do you have the aptitude to hear the decrypted Future Security Agency data? Assessment criteria include musical awareness, psychological resilience & physiological stamina

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Clan Analogue have finally completely decoded the mysterious Future Security Agency Partial Decryptions into its purest form.  A small number of musically-competent volunteers are required to “test listen” to these fully decoded, and potentially hallucinogenic, audio snippets.

In 2021, Clan Analogue were contacted by an anonymous source asking for assistance in decrypting a unique dataset. Despite their scepticism, our IT team agreed to look into it, assembling an entirely-airgapped rack server constrained within a Faraday cage so as to safely examine the data without risk of wider network contamination.

The patterns that emerged matched those of audio encoding frameworks, in an as-yet unencountered ultra-high resolution quantum audio format. Remarkably, certain recurring temporal patterning within the data indicated a correlation with music. 

Before vanishing, our source left us a warning that the data could be dangerous, hinting at possible retribution from an unknown source due to the effects these sounds could have on listeners. 

During the decryption process a piece of corrupt tri-code was initially discarded as noise. After applying several Fourier transform equations, it was realised that this was actually some kind of metadata stamping algorithm. The name Future Security Agency emerged, along with an image, possibly a key to the data’s original source.

A handpicked team of Clan Analogue artists worked at decrypting the data, reconstructing the waveforms within the perceivable audible frequency spectrum. These select artists, Chamberz, Tim Marcus Moore, Kable54, Reductionist and GJ Hannah, were each given a discrete portion of the data to reconstruct as best they could. In 2022 we made these reconstructions available as the Future Security Agency Partial Decryptions

In January this year our IT team were stuck, making no further progress in decoding the data. A breakthrough occurred when we managed to sneak some time with a CSIRO hyper-qubit quantum computer, on the pretext of developing the perfect reverb plugin as an Australian export opportunity. Utilising the processing power now available, we realised the sidechain noise contained an encrypted blockchain. Running it through proprietary cryptocurrency decoding software gave us the breakthrough we needed. We now believe we have in our possession the completely-decrypted Future Security Agency audio.

We are however, hesitant to make this audio more widely available as yet, due to both the warnings given when we received the original data and some strange experiences reported by Clan Analogue’s team of decrypting artists. 

Hallucinations, hyper-real dreams, visions of alternative social structures,… these mental experiences became familiar to our audio technicians.

Because of these dangers, we are not yet making this significant audio available for all to listen to. 

Instead, Clan Analogue are looking for capable volunteers to “test listen” to some short snippets of the pure audio.  Prior to listening, volunteers will be assessed for their suitability, according to criteria of musical awareness, physical stamina and psychological resilience.

If you believe you are able to hear this audio, click here to access our diagnostic online test.