CA051: Kable54 | Volca Galaxies

Following on from 2016’s “plastic ambient” album The Month Machine, Melbourne’s microsynth virtuoso Kable54 has turned his hand to creating an album of acid-tinted krautrock jams with electric circuitry and voltage, the superb Volca Galaxies.

Volca Galaxies evolved over 12 months of live performances and improvisational jams around Melbourne using a minimal setup of small portable analogue Korg Volca synths. Kable54 took those jams, polished them up and fed them a diet of East German steroids and West German psychedelics before piecing the whole thing back together again. The record sounds like an energetic, emotional journey through the hypercolour enormity of the Milky Way galaxy. For once we elected to keep the hyperbole to a minimum and let the artist tell his only story….

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“Last year, I was sick of making music by sitting in front of the computer, alone. I wanted to play live performances to real people. I wanted to move away from the computer” said Kable54 about his initial motivation. “Then I found out about Korg’s Volca synths when I stumbled on a random youtube clip. Realising this would be a way more intuitive and performative way to make music, I worked some extra shifts to raise some cash and soon had a great little setup sitting on my kitchen table. Then it was goodbye laptop!”

“The development of the album is more like a 70’s rock album than modern EDM thing… songs were written, then tested out by performing in a bar that night. They developed and changed as I roadtested them from gig to gig. The weaker ones were kicked out of the set, new ones composed and ideas honed for maximum impact”.

“I was performing once a fortnight or so, at pubs, bars, cafes, festivals, wherever. Melbourne’s a great live electronic music scene if you know where to look. After six months or so, it really came together. Instead of individual songs, they started merging, becoming one hour-long piece”.

When Kable committed his sounds to tape he focused on capturing the live improv spirit. “Recording the album, it was really important to stay true to the live performance… the limitations that live performance has, as well as the limitations of the Volca synths. I wanted to take my live set in its entirety, disassemble all the pieces, polish them up, feed them performance-enhancing drugs, then re-assemble the whole thing”.

Volca Galaxies, the new album from Kable54, will be launched at Bar 303, 303 High St, Northcote on Saturday 16th of September at Analogue Coordinates, part of Clan Analogue’s 25 Anniversary Electronic Weekend in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets are available from

1. Viper Live
2. Ballet Statique Redux
3. TR Sparks
4. Quick Jam
5. Empire Files
6. Ubermensch When I Can
7. Son of a Snakeoil Salesman

CA049A: Michael Mildren | Process 1: Studies in Kraft

Michael Mildren launches his Process EP series with Studies In Kraft

Melbourne-based electronic music virtuoso Michael Mildren launches his Process series, a collection of four mini-albums, each exploring a different facet of electronic music technique and artistic significance. Clan Analogue will release each installment in the Process series monthly between now and the end of 2017, beginning with Process 1: Studies In Kraft, an exploration of the seminal work of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.

Read more about Michael Mildren’s Journey Into Kraftwerk, including details on the equipment he used and techniques he explored.

Michael Mildren has made his mark with several acclaimed performances in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. These include his 2015 Men/Machine performance, where he reworked classic Kraftwerk tracks with vintage gear and period performance techniques, and more recently with Music Non-Stop, a stunning 12-hour improv set in 2016, where an array of guest performers augmented his layered atmospheres and propulsive rhythms throughout the sonic marathon.

Download album from Bandcamp
Download from Bandcamp

Studies in Kraft is the product of Michael’s intense study of the classic 1970s work of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. Given their huge influence in electronic music, Michael aimed to develop his craftsmanship by exploring in infinitesimal detail the composition and production techniques used to produce Kraftwerk’s greatest work. To this end Michael scoured eBay to source the right vintage synths, drum machines and vocoders from all over the world, from Stylophones to Texas Instruments Language Tutors to Mattel Synsonics electronic drums. He analysed every bass note, synth tone and rhythmic pattern of his selected Kraftwerk tracks, spending hundreds of hours on sonic experimentation, programming and playing, until he achieved the perfect Kraftwerk mind-meld.

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The results of Michael’s work on Process 1 are eleven tracks which trace Kraftwerk’s most influential work backwards from 1980’s Computer World album through to their 1975 breakthrough Autobahn. Although there have been many Kraftwerk covers released over the years, this is a rare occasion where their material has been explored with the level of detail and intensity applied by classical musicians to the interpretation of composers such as Mozart or Beethoven. This is not however a slavish re-enactment, but an interpretation of Kraftwerk as they themselves may have played the tracks in an alternative reality – less a re-enactment and more an inhabitation of the Kraftwerk sonic headspace. The results will be of interest to anyone interested in classic electronic music and its influence in our musical landscape today.

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Process 1: Studies In Kraft from Michael Mildren is available now from Clan Analogue. Process 2: Post-Kraft follows on from Process 1, where Michael explores the techniques of Kraftwerk in his own original music.


1. Computer World
2. Pocket Calculator
3. Computer Love
4. The Robots
5. The Model
6. Neon Lights
7. The Man Machine
8. Europe Endless
9. Radioactivity
10. Antenna
11. Autobahn

CA046: Analogue Redux: Hardware Explorations | Various Artists

Legendary Australian electronic music and arts collective Clan Analogue return to their roots with the new compilation album release Analogue Redux: Hardware Explorations, celebrating the voltage-driven intensity of analogue electronic music hardware.

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Download from Bandcamp

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Clan Analogue’s infatuation with analogue hardware goes back to the Australian electronic music collective’s inception in the early 90s when multitudes of obsolete analogue synths and drum machines were being discarded by the mainstream music industry only to be eagerly snapped up from pawn shops by a generation of young underground artists keen to explore the new sounds of techno. In recent years a new generation of musicians has been inspired to move away from purely computer-based systems and to re-embrace the joys of getting hands-on with analogue hardware.

Celebrating the new wave of hardware-driven electronic music, Clan Analogue put out a call for artists to contribute tracks featuring their favourite analogue gear and classic technology. From around the country came a selection of tracks ranging stylistically from experimental soundscapes to classic techno, acid house to ambient. Whether dusting off their old analogue synths from the back shed, messing around with the latest budget-priced gadgets or tweaking their modular setups, the artists on Analogue Redux responded to the call-out with their best and squelchiest efforts.

The tracks on Analogue Redux span the full frequency range of electronic music styles in the modern era, with industrial techno from Black Lung, nu-IDM from Miles Cosmo, downtempo garage from Tiatto, krautrock improv from Michael Mildren, lo-fi ambience from Random Acts of Elevator Music and everything in-between or beyond.

Analogue Redux: Hardware Explorations is ninety minutes of analogue intensity and voltage-driven sound, available on all leading online platforms and on CD from Clan Analogue’s website.

1. James Heighway l Dialtones (edit)
2. !!* l Sound Eagle for Seasonal Toxic Tonsil
3. Luke Killen l UKREF
4. two4k l HS50
5. Black Lung l The Cold Call
6. Ming l One
7. The Family l PCP Enema
8. Wonderfeel l Snotty [bonus track on online version only]
9. Miles Cosmo l Loneliness
10. Greg Singh l Kamala
11. Dope Genes l Stereo Chemistry (4114 Future Fix)
12. Bias l Stargate 999
13. Swinging Tasty Bag l Kim
14. Random Acts of Elevator Music l Up and Down
15. BluNjin l Nebulous Fossil
16. Michael Mildren l Music Electronic 21
17. Damian Tangram l Blood Red Moon [bonus track on online version only]
18. Cocoon l Memory of Dreams [bonus track on online version only]
19. Tiatto l Onwards Home

CA047: Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan | Kill Climate Deniers

Flashing lights. Racing hearts. Killer politics.

What happens when homegrown Australian terrorism meets the classic beats of early house and techno? When the unstoppable force of climate change meets the immovable object of Australian politics?

Newly released by Australia’s pre-eminent electronic music collective Clan Analogue is a unique (and bizarre) collaboration between musician/producer Reuben Ingall and playwright David Finnigan.

Kill Climate Deniers is a 35-minute barrage of dancefloor bangers in the style of classic House and Techno from 1988-92 – mixed with samples from Finnigan’s original stage-play of the same name. It tells the story of an explosive attack on Parliament House by a group of eco-terrorists (during a Fleetwood Mac concert, no less) and the Environment Minister’s one-woman war to take back her country.

The result is an anthemic club album threaded through with blistering political satire and a guns-blazing action adventure set at the heart of Australian democracy.

Kill Climate Deniers began life as a playscript, and has now expanded as a project including an album, short film and live show. You can find out more about the project, and download the Kill Climate Deniers ebook, at

Download album from Bandcamp
Download from Bandcamp

Buy CD direct from Clan Analogue:

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1. Opening Credits
2. Three Rules for Surviving an Interview with a Shock Jock
4. Pre-Show Stretches
5. Bolted
6. W3 W3lcome the Future
7. Fuck You Science
8. Music To Shoot Climate Activists To
9. Australia 2050

Clan Analogue Celebrates 25 Years with Electronic Weekend at 303

The legendary Clan Analogue celebrate 25 years of independent Australian electronic music-making with a two-night festival on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of September at Bar 303, 303 High St Northcote as part of the Melbourne Fringe. Friday night’s Digital Envelope explores the digital realm of electronic music, with ones and zeroes manipulated in a multitude of ways. Saturday night’s Analogue Coordinates sees some of Melbourne’s idiosyncratic analogue technology performers in a spontaneous one-off collaboration, with an open jam session and sets from some of Melbourne’s best analogue synth performers.

In June 1992 the first ‘gathering’ of Clan Analogue was held in an apartment in Randwick. From this initial mobilisation formed an Australian electronic arts collective that took on the musical establishment, promoting gigs, pressing vinyl and putting on a (not so legal) 12-hour Bob Moog’s Birthday festival in Sydney Park. Clan Analogue has now been at the forefront of Australian electronic music for a quarter of a century, with a plethora of classic releases, innovative artists and memorable events in its illustrious history. Having earned the right, some would say, to put the feet up, relax on the couch a little and enjoy the new sounds following in their trailblazing footsteps, Clan Analogue are instead resisting the lure of nostalgia to put on two nights of cutting edge, diverse and experimental electronic sounds in the Melbourne Fringe.

Digital Envelope explores the digital realm of electronic music on Friday the 15th of September from 8pm, with multiple artists presenting their unique sonic manipulations of ones and zeroes. With live performances by Aeriae, Ross Bencina, KOshowKO, Random Acts of Elevator Music, Iubar Project and more, experience iPad virtuosity, soundcard hacking, bit-crunched sonics, live coding, and binary improvisation. This night also launches the new Random Acts of Elevator Music album and the new Aeriae EP Peril Triage.

Analogue Coordinates explores analogue technology and the improvisational attitude on Saturday the 16th of September from 6pm. Beginning with an open-invite electronic music jam session, all players and forms of gear are welcome to join in the sonic mayhem. The night progresses into an extended improv set from a selection of Melbourne’s most idiosyncratic music performers featured on the new Clan Analogue compilation Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm. From synth geeks to post-rock musos, ambient soundscape artists to techno DJs, these artists will meet for the first time on the floor of 303. Analogue Coordinates culminates with sets from two of Melbourne’s virtuoso analogue electronic music performers, Kable54, launching his new Volca Galaxies album, and Michael Mildren, launching his Process EP series.

Tickets for either evening or the entire weekend are available on the door or prebook from the Melbourne Fringe website

Clan Analogue explore ones and zeroes at Digital Envelope

Digital Envelope explores the digital realm of electronic music, with a selection of Clan Analogue’s most idiosyncratic sound artists presenting their unique sonic manipulations of ones and zeroes. With live performances by Aeriae, Ross Bencina (Audiomulch), KOshowKO, Random Acts of Elevator Music, iubar project and WiLL.i.ROMS, experience soundcard-hacking, live coding, iPad virtuosity, bit-crunched sonics and binary improvisation, all in the space of one short evening at Bar 303 in Northcote on Friday the 15th of September, from 8pm.

Digital Envelope is part of Clan Analogue’s 25th Anniversary Electronic Weekend in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, celebrating 25 years of the legendary Australian electronic music collective. Clan Analogue has now been at the forefront of Australian electronic music for a quarter of a century, with a plethora of classic releases, innovative artists and memorable events in its illustrious history. Digital Envelope will also launch the new Random Acts of Elevator Music album and the new Aeriae EP Peril Triage, out now from Clan Analogue.

Aeriae is making a rare trip from Sydney to perform at Digital Envelope. His combination of controllerism virtuosity and compositional influences ranging from IDM to serialism will make his set a highlight of the Melbourne Fringe. Investigate his 2014 album Victris or new EP Peril Triage to hear Aeriae’s intricate sound design and hyperkinetic rhythmic structures in motion.

Ross Bencina is the programmer and musician behind the modular electronic music software AudioMulch. This enigmatic figure is taking a rare break from his work in audio software development to perform a live set exploring new dimensions with the software that he knows best.

Random Acts of Elevator Music spent time last decade striding the streets of Melbourne’s CBD with portable studios hidden in briefcases, infiltrating office lifts to perform their muzaktronica to raise the productivity of unsuspecting workers. Now they are releasing their long-awaited self-titled album and bringing their combination of ambient modular bleeps and mid-80s digital sound technology to Digital Envelope.

iubar project is the experimental music project from Polish-born philosopher-turned-musician Martin K who collaborates with sound artists throughout the world on ambient soundscapes and field recordings to use as the basis for improvised peformances using iPads.

WiLL.i.ROMS extricates the sound boards from early 80s pinball and arcade games, triggering them in an improvised set using custom-built controllers.

KOshowKO will close Digital Envelope with a DJ set using iPads to cut up and recombine selections of electro-pop and nu-disco back catalogue.

Tickets for Digital Envelope or weekend passes for the entire Clan Analogue Electronic Weekend are available on the door or prebook from the Melbourne Fringe website.

Explore Electronic Improv at Analogue Coordinates in Melbourne Fringe

Analogue Coordinates explores analogue technology, improv spirit and the gestalt consciousness at Bar 303, Northcote, from 6pm on Saturday, 16th of September. Beginning with an open-invite electronic music jam session, all players and forms of gear are welcome to join in the sonic mayhem. The night progresses into an extended improv set from a selection of Melbourne’s most idiosyncratic music performers who have contributed to the new Clan Analogue compilation Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm. This unique selection of synth geeks, post-rock musos, experimental sound artists and techno DJs will meet for the first time on the floor of 303. Analogue Coordinates culminates with sets from two of Melbourne’s virtuoso analogue electronic music performers, Kable54 and Michael Mildren, launching their new releases on the night. Arrive at 6pm with your gear to join in the jamming or come as you are to listen.

Analogue Coordinates is part of Clan Analogue’s 25 Anniversary Electronic Weekend in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, celebrating 25 years of the legendary Australian electronic music collective. Clan Analogue has now been at the forefront of Australian electronic music for a quarter of a century, with a plethora of classic releases, innovative artists and memorable events in its illustrious history. Analogue Coordinates will also launch the Process EP series from Michael Mildren, the new album Volca Galaxies by Kable54 and the new compilation Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm, out now from Clan Analogue.

Kable54 has made his name with countless gigs at every indie electronic night in Melbourne over the last two years, performing dynamic improvised live sets with his collection of small portable Volca synths. His new album Volca Galaxies is an outstanding collection of acid-tinted krautrock jams with electric circuitry and voltage, polished and fed a diet of East German steroids and West German psychedelics.

Michael Mildren is one of Melbourne’s most accomplished electronic music artists, stunning audiences at the last two Melbourne Fringe Festivals with his Men/Machine and Music Non-Stop shows. His new Process series of mini-albums will be launched at Analogue Coordinates with Studies in Kraft, a collection of Kraftwerk classics recorded with period electronic music gear. Michael will be presenting his new ensemble the Drone Men live for the first time.

The new compilation album Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm will be launched at Analogue Coordinates, celebrating 25 years of Clan Analogue with the collective’s 50th release. Fifty electronic music artists from Australia and overseas registered to take part in the Coordinate project, where they were paired up to collaborate with artists they had never met with the instruction to move outside stylistic comfort zones and respond to the theme ‘beyond the algorithm’. The Melbourne-based Coordinate contributors will meet for the first time for an extended improv set ranging from electronic grooves to noise and anything beyond.

Analogue Coordinates will begin with one of Clan Analogue’s popular and acclaimed Gear Shift jam sessions. Any electronic music performers of any experience level or stylistic inclinations are invited to turn up at 6pm with their favourite gear to jam.

Tickets for Analogue Coordinates or weekend passes for the entire Clan Analogue Electronic Weekend are available from the Melbourne Fringe website or on the door.

Coordinate: calling interested collaborators!

Australia’s longest-running electronic music label and artist collective Clan Analogue are looking for new artists to bring into the fold for Coordinate – a new collaborative compilation album project. We are particularly interested in new artists who haven’t released much (or even any) music before. And we’re going to follow a different approach with this release, as it is all about collaboration.

So, we’re going to team you up with someone you’ve never worked before. With your collaborator we want you to come up with something that pushes you beyond your usual working methods. What can you do that expands the possibilities of electronic music both for yourselves and for the artform generally? You will need to be willing to work out of your comfort zone and to use modern tools of cloud-based collaboration.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please fill in the registration form. And we’ll be in touch to get you working on a track with your collaborator!

Registrations deadline has been extended until August 15th.

Here is the form:

    Your Name (required)

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    Link to example of your music (url required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your area of most experience/skill/comfort

    The area of most experience/skill/comfort of ideal collaboration partner

    Baby Swindle presents Spotify Playlist

    Each month one of Clan Analogue’s artists presents a Spotify playlist highlighting influences, inspirations, obscurities and anything else interesting in the world of electronic music.

    This month Baby Swindle, otherwise known as Lindsay Webb and one half of Actual Russian Brides, presents a selection of tracks inspired by the new Clan Analogue release Intone: Voice Abstractions. Lindsay curated the Intone compilation with Actual Russian Brides partner Elle Knox. Baby Swindle‘s track Actual Russian Khor is featured on the album.

    Let’s let Baby Swindle tell us all about it…

    “This playlist is inspired by Intone and my time living in, or looking towards Germany from the mid-nineties to to mid-noughties. It was there, while at art school, I discovered synthesisers and drum machines. There was also a ready access to all sorts of electronic music and pop songs rendered in that more synthetic manner seemed more accessible to me, even when it got a bit weird. It probably had something to do with learning another language and trying to decipher the songs but the sensibility has stayed and definitely informs any music I might happen to make.

    Alog – Islands of Memory
    When the Intone idea came up, the first thing I thought of was Alog and their mix of sampling, synthesis and electroacoustic genius. I’ve been following them since first discovering them in 1999. Each record they make is different, sometimes difficult but always inspiring.

    Atom™ – Wellen and Felder 11 & Funksignal
    Uwe Schmidt is a prolific genius and the album Liedgut a real highlight. Really, the whole album should be listened to in one sitting with a good hi-fi or headphones, but these two tracks give a taste and highlight his immaculate use of speech synthesis and vocoding.

    LB – Jealous Guy
    Schmidt again under his LB moniker. I was flawed when I first heard this record. Full of gold beyond this track.

    Quarks – Alles + Mehr (Gonzales Au Pianet mix)
    I’ve been a huge Quarks fan since my time living in Germany however the remix album Rehmix is full of its own particular kind of magic. It’s what they call Wohnzimmer (living room) pop, but remixed by some of the best electronic artists of the late 90’s early 00’s. Somehow this record was the inspiration for Actual Russian Brides although we don’t really sound anything like any of the tracks.

    Alog – Write your Thoughts in Water
    Again Alog because Intone… in my mind

    Felix Kubin – Excuse Me, Too Many Segments & Wenn Dein Hund Stirbt:
    The wonderful world of Felix Kubin is a surreal playground of his Korg MS20, Casio and TR606 all mixed together with his dada lyrics and wit. Two tracks here because I just wanted to convey a fragment of the oeuvre which one track can’t.

    AGF – Uralow:
    AGF goes under the umbrella of artist name Poem Producer. Her work is tightly knit around text through tech. She is prolific and great. I never see her represented in Australia though. Maybe that could change

    Die Weltraumforscher – Gravity, Hier spricht Ihr Kapitän & Die Liebe liebt dich selbst
    A band out of the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave NDW) movement that were from the more obscure corner, such as The Plan or Andreas Dorau. I discovered them later in life through the best of CD, 21 Weltraum Standards of which these three tracks come. Representing an active period of over 20 years, the entire record is for me what I wish pop sounded like; spare, intelligent and delightful.

    Chris & Cosey – Oktober
    Spotify is pretty light on C & C but this track represents here because when we – Actual Russian Brides – played our first gig, someone compared us favourably to them and that was a surprise and a compliment.

    Gudrun Gut – Rock Bottom Riser
    Gut is an inspirational figure on the Berlin indy music scene. I like this track because it uses voice(s) that are detuned, out of key and surprisingly musical. Whether achieved through voice or other instrumentation, this is method always gives me goose bumps when done so well.

    Malaria – Geh Duschen
    I missed Gudrun Gut’s NDW band, Malaria, first time around but they were remixed in the 00’s including a semi hit with Kaltes Klares Wasser performed by Chicks on Speed. There was also some minimal club tracks around that you couldn’t avoid if you lived in Germany in the 00’s. This Matador remix of Geh Duschen is the perfect combo of MS20, metal snare and processed voice. Best heard loud. (or maybe not with crappy Spotify compression)

    Ego Express – Aranda
    I just loved this track for its teutonic minimal vibes; questioning with clear sense of purpose with poetic text and perfect production. Just search Mr Google and watch the video

    Lali Puna – Antenna Trash
    I learn’t about Lali Puna at art school and this track was the epitome of cool there. The combination of sprechgesang and fragile female vocal was unstoppable. I was also lucky enough to see them at Robert Johnson ( a hip club in Offenbach) and unlike many of their ilk, they rocked it live.

    2raumwohnung – 2 von Millionen von Sternen
    2raumwohnung are household names in Germany. A pop starlet from the 80’s teams up with a 90’s DJ/Producer to ride the popular wave of Wohnzimmerpop in the late nineties. As with the Quarks, their popularity tempted the big labels and consequently records started to come out in english but it never worked so well as in the rectangular German language. I chose this track, partly because of the vocal treatment and partly because of a memory of the track that was licensed for an ad campaign that said (sentimentally) goodbye to the Deutschmark. The art direction and music were like nothing i’d ever seen before.

    AGF – Kalt
    Another AGF track using absolute minimal vocal effect to maximal impact. Stunning.

    Stereo Total – Cosmonaute
    Finishing off with a quiet track from those normally raucous and prolific popsters who continue to amaze. They are inventive and smart songwriters who should be more famous.

    CA044: Intone: Voice Abstractions | Various Artists

    Clan Analogue’s latest compilation album Intone: Voice Abstractions showcases new experimental and electronic treatments of the human voice. Intone features 21 unique manipulations of vocalisation and verbiage from Australian and international artists working in the left-field reaches of electronic sound. These interweavings of ones, zeroes and vocal chords utilise the human voice as their sonic essence, in ways that are electric, rhythmic, melodic, hypnotic, chaotic and eclectic.

    Download album from Bandcamp
    Download from Bandcamp

    Buy CD direct from Clan Analogue using Paypal

    Through locales from Sydney (Disla System) to Melbourne (City Frequencies) to Russia (Baby Swindle) to Macedonia (Robert Sazdov) to Japan (Su Veneer) to outer space (Hethre Contant), Intone guides the listener on a journey in vocal abstractions across all levels, from the meditative to the earsplitting.

    Tracks from Rantzen & Spinoglio, Automatic Teller Machine Machine, Doctrinaire and Alex J Wise explore club music styles using sounds entirely derived from the human voice.

    Other artists take traditional source material and rework them in a multitude of ways – Robert Sazdov explores renderings of politicised people and traumatised places; Baby Swindle collages choral singing recorded in the venue made famous by Pussy Riot; and Wonderfeel reworks a spiritual using the natural reverb of an immense concrete stairwell.

    KOshowKO and Thallium & Milo evoke the purity of the untrained voice, while GEORGIASWEBB and Carrier go meta, philosophically recomposing the base functions and absurdities of human vocal communication. Sound artists Contant and Pascalle Burton make mischief with the intoned authority of figures such as Philip Tagg and Walter Benjamin. The album is topped and tailed by impressive abstract solo work from Kusum Normoyle (Dark Mofo) and Gail Priest (Pretty Gritty).

    Intone has been curated by Actual Russian Brides, who previously released their Wife Beats EP through Clan Analogue, with assistance from performance poet Matt Hetherington (DJ Zaziz) who developed the original concept with Melbourne experimental musician Robert ‘Bo’ Boehm (who sadly passed away before the album was released). Significantly, it contains the last track completed by Bo’s legendary duo Winduptoys.

    Finalist for Award for Excellence in Experimental Music, 2016 Australian Art Music Awards

    “The curatorial premise is strong, using the voice as core sonic material in 21 beautifully recorded tracks cataloguing current Australian artists.”

    comments by 2016 Art Music Awards judging panel

    “Veering from jarring confrontation through to more melodic and accessible territory. All up, ‘Intone’ manages to cover an extremely wide range of sonic territory within its thematic remit, with consistently interesting results.”
    Cyclic Defrost

    released in September 2015


    1. Kusum Normoyle l Octopus
    2. Carrier l You Can’t Keep
    3. Robert Sazdov l Bogorodica 28.08
    4. KOshowKO l Now You’re Talking Baby
    5. Doctrinaire l Le Petit Prince
    6. Su Veneer l Ebisu
    7. Pascalle Burton feat. Renee Vaughan Sutherland l As If, Philip Tagg
    8. Kusum Normoyle l Body Contact #1 [bonus track on online version only]
    9. City Frequencies l The Most Beautiful Walk
    10. Hethre Contant l Die Eisenbahnkatastrophe Vom Firth of Tay: Heard From Outer Space
    11. Thallium & Milo l God’s Rainbow [bonus track on online version only]
    12. Wonderfeel with Harmony Byrne l Amazing Grace
    13. Robert Sazdov l Tetovo: 2001 [bonus track on online version only]
    14. Alex J Wise l Deserted Landscapes
    15. Automatic Teller Machine Machine l Kronik Tonic [bonus track on online version only]
    16. Dislasystem l Umbilical
    17. Rantzen & Spinoglio l Sonic Manipulator
    18. Baby Swindle l Actual Russian Khor
    19. Winduptoys l Broken Language
    20. Georgiaswebb l Paregoros
    21. Gail Priest l Stranglers