CA057H: Dylan Beast | How Long

Melbourne singer/songwriter Dylan Beast unveils his new industrial electronic rock sound with the three-track single How Long out now on Australia’s Clan Analogue label.

Dylan Beast’s sonic style is influenced by electronic rock of the 1990s and 2000s melded with the edge of modern club music styles. His songwriting explores the mental struggles of modern life and the inherent tensions of today’s technologically-mediated existence. Following on from his independently released Black Patches album of 2020, Dylan moves further into electronica with this new release on Clan Analogue.

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Through a mix of industrial music, funk guitar, experimental synths and rock vocals, “How Long” talks about the need for people to fake their emotional responses throughout their lives in order to survive the pressures of our society.

How Long” is backed with two extra tracks which build the intensity further. Perth’s Times of the Sines remix “How Long” for a high energy dancefloor vibe, granulising and resynthesizing the vocals to convey heightened alienation.

The closer track “Still in Quarantine” was created using samples recorded by Dylan in his house during lockdown, capturing the enforced introspection produced during mental and physical confinement.

Track Listing
1. How Long
2. How Long (Times of the Sines Remix)
3. Still in Quarantine

Vocals, guitars, sampling and songwriting by Dylan Scutti
Produced by Nick Wilson
Mastering by Tom Glover
Design by Megan Sanelli
Mixing on tracks 1 & 3 by Fred Schilling and Matthew Boyd
Track 2 produced by Jason Fewings
Vocal recording and production by Hamish Muir, Fred Schilling and Matthew Boyd.
Programming on track 1 by Thomas Copeland and Mohit Rao

Originally released in 2022