CA060: David Prescott-Steed | Shadow Music

Prescott-Steed plants shadows in eardrums

Melbourne electroacoustic sound artist David Prescott-Steed releases his first album on Australia’s legendary Clan Analogue, the expansive and evocative Shadow Music.

Shadow Music immerses the listener in shifting ambiences, fragments of found sound, granulated modular synthesis, weather-worn strings and percussion. The album is inspired by the Jungian concept of the shadow self, with eight tracks that twist and turn into fragmented distortions of identity, neurodiversity, alienation, hyperfixation, love, loss, and memory. Caliginous stream-of-consciousness vocals punctuate post-industrial soundscapes, kicking up sonic dust along the way.

“These psycho-spatial interiors are personal”, says David. “Among my creative projects, the archive of songs grew. There was a gravitational pull to create them, yet they remained like paintings in the corner of an attic, not quite discarded but rarely mentioned. It felt like the right time to bring them into the light.” Shadow Music is an adventure in sonic surrealism, a murmuring in the shadows, now extracted, inspected, and given a home in your ears.

David Prescott-Steed has contributed music to Clan Analogue’s Coordinate and Distance compilations. Shadow Music is his first full-length release with the label.

Shadow Music will be launched at Clan Analogue’s event Sonic Selections, Spectral Visions, taking place at LongPlay Bar & Cinema, 318 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy, on Saturday the 14th of October. Tickets can be purchased from the Melbourne Fringe website.

Track Listing:
1. Underfoot
2. New Canopy
3. NYE
4. Plume
5. Road
6. Embers
7. Another Runt
8. Ghost Money

Released October 2023.