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Xmas Cut-Ups: A collection of mangled Xmas tunes

From dance grooves to abstract sound art, with some dub touches in between, Xmas CUT-UPS spans the range of chunky voltage-driven sounds already heard on Double Exposure. For this release however, Winduptoys have pulled out a selection of 60’s novelty sounds and Christmas tunes from their vast record collection, turning them into just the thing you’d love to put on the decks at your office end-of-year function but are scared of how your workmates would be affected…

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Download from Bandcamp

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In 2006 Melbourne duo Winduptoys released their debut album Double Exposure, one of the stand-out electronic music releases of that year. Clan Analogue are now proud to re-release the band’s rare early EP Xmas CUT-UPS: a collection of mangled Xmas tunes. Originally given away at live gigs during last year’s festive season, Xmas CUT-UPS is now available through through non-physical download and streaming services in the lead-up to Christmas.

Join in the joy of Christmas-mangling and sample Winduptoys: Xmas CUT-UPS.

Also check out music by Winduptoys on their album Double Exposure and the compilation Clan Analogue In Version: dub selections, available from Clan Analogue.

“Make no mistake, these people are not out to make you dance, they are out to bend your brain. Anyone approaching a Winduptoys release should therefore do so with extreme caution and maybe,just maybe, a pair of industrial strength rubber gloves (ensuring they are bright yellow for the rave throwback effect). Creating a Christmas themed EP of twitching glitch accompanied by slightly modified recordings of chipper Australian voices that seem like they’ve been downloaded directly (via turntable and then modem of course) from the 1960s so that the signal appears to be in terminal decay is not going to be Winduptoys’ big crossover release. Instead it is a healthy reminder that there are still those out there with the imagination and daring to explore other aesthetics however difficult to like these may be and that not every musician is looking for the easy adoration endemic of urban music practitioners.” Inpress Magazine


1. Season (radio edit)
2. Bell
3. Mystery Sounds
4. Noel
5. Season (long version)
6. Message

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