The independent 2000s – now on Bandcamp

In the early years of the twenty-first century various Australian music distributors sadly wound up their operations as the music industry continued its journey into the era of downloads and streaming. Clan Analogue’s long-running relationships with distributors such as Mushroom, Festival, Creative Vibes and MDS drew to a close. Once again Clan Analogue began operating completely independently, just as it had when the collective was first formed in the early 1990s.

Clan Analogue have now made available on Bandcamp all the releases from this period of its history – the independent 2000s. These releases were originally released as CDs available on mail order. Now they have been made available for the first time for download or streaming from the Bandcamp platform.

The Promise EP (CA036K) from  KOshowKO was the first release from Clan Analogue following the end of its time with legendary indie distributor Creative Vibes, who had decided to call it a day in 2008. KOshowKO’s track “Promise” had been included on the last Clan Analogue compilation to be released with Creative Vibes, the dub compilation Clan Analogue In Version. The Promise EP collected this track with a bunch of alternative mixes and remixes plus an otherwise unreleased “B-side”. KOshowKO have since gone on to release many more tracks with Clan Analogue, along with their own independent releases, and are notable innovators in the use of mobile technologies for live performance and music creation.

The Neurosis EP (CA021C) was actually a collection of tracks recorded by the Melbourne duo Continuum in the late 1990s, including the track “Neurosis” which had originally been released on the late 90s Clan Analogue compilation Pre Sense. The Neurosis EP was released in 2010 as a teaser EP, making most of these tracks available for the first time, leading up to the release of the Clan Analogue retrospective collection Re Cognition.

We Think You’re Dishy Remixes (CA039B) EP by B(if)tek was a second teaser EP for the Re Cognition Clan Analogue retrospective collection released in 2010. The release included two new remixes of B(if)tek’s classic track “We Think You’re Dishy”, one by Melbourne act KOshowKO, the second by Sydney electro duo Bleepin’ J Squawkins. As well as the two new remixes, the EP featured the original version of “We Think You’re Dishy”, first heard on the Clan Analogue compilation Twenty Disco Greats released in 1999. The fourth track “We Oscillate” was originally heard on the 1996 Clan Analogue cassette release Schizmatrix.

The Lunar Module self-titled EP (CA039L) was one of a collection of EPs by different Clan Analogue artists released in 2010. Sydney’s Lunar Module were first heard on the 2004 Clan Analogue electro compilation Doppler Shift, with a style influenced by the classic sounds of 1980s new wave, industrial electro and synth pop. This EP featured seven retro-futuristic tracks as a mini-album release.

Theme From Tiatto (CA039T) was another in the collection of 2010 Clan Analogue EPs, the first release from Melbourne act Tiatto, whose sound was inspired by the sounds of garage, breakbeat and 2-step emerging from the UK. Andy Rantzen joined the party to add a great remix to this collection of epic psychedelic groovers.

KOshowKO’s The Truth In Me (CA039K) was also one of Clan Analogue’s 2010 EP collection, a follow-up to the earlier Promise EP. The Truth In Me contained tracks that are both haunting and euphoric with an opulent production aesthetic perfected by Martin K on this release.