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CA039T: Tiatto | Theme From Tiatto

The story of Tiatto begins in a Brixton garret opposite a crackhouse in 2001, with the chance meeting of Ben Wah and Max Devere, who quickly whipped up a couple of albums of material. After leaving their laptop on the tube one night, the project went into hiatus until the Reason files suddenly appeared on a warez board several years later.

Relocating to Melbourne they were joined by Nick Fakeman, the notorious twin-handed keyboard demon of Clifton Hill, and Canadian renegade entrepreneur Ganz Enfarben. Producer extraordinaire Simon Grounds stepped in to help turn the chaos into a record.

Theme From Tiatto is the first taster. Teutonic slabs of analogue synthesizer, random breakbeats, funky distorted clavinet stabs, ambient drones and earsplitting guitar noises from special guest Penny Ikinger – what more could a music fan want? How about Andy Rantzen, who needed some practise to warm up his dance music production chops before getting stuck into work on the new Itch-E & Scratch-E album. Check out his remix, full of reverse polarity groove.

“Elements of more abstract noise rearing their heads amongst the more dance-friendly rhythms, through hypnotically glimmering analogue synth tones, grinding broken machine rhythms and spectral dub drop-outs”
Cyclic Defrost

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You won’t find Tiatto on Myspace or Facebook. With their international business interests and illegitimate children around the world, people in their position don’t have time for such trifles. But you can find Theme From Tiatto on iTunes, Juno Records and other online retailers. Look out for the album, to be released later this century.

Theme From Tiatto is one of four new EPs released by Clan Analogue showcasing the work of the collective’s newest artists, along with releases by fellow internationalists Koshowko and Sydney bands Lunar Module and Valley Forge.

Track Listing

1. Theme From Tiatto (Radio Mix)
2. Theme From Tiatto (Andy Rantzen Remix)
3. Cellophane
4. Theme From Tiatto
5. Lateralis

Originally released in 2010

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