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CA039L: Lunar Module | Lunar Module

Ride the rocket into the new wave of new wave and get ready for Lunar Module‘s new self-titled EP. Blending the greatest synth sounds of the eighties with modern cutting-edge dance music sensibilities, Lunar Module stalk the Zone between industrial electro and classic synth-pop.

“Joins some of the dots between early, vocal-led electro and it’s turn-of-the-millenium counterpart”
Cyclic Defrost

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Lunar Module remixed Nerve Agent on the recent compilation Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection. Their previous Maxxi Single Get Low, featuring several remixes by Sydney electronica extraordinaires Telafonica and Bleepin’ J Squawkins, sent pulsating synth-bass throbbing through the airwaves.

Now they return for their new self-titled EP containing a critical mass of seven new tracks bound for escape velocity, including the epoch-defining single ‘I Want To Be On TV’.

The Lunar Module EP is available now from iTunes, Juno Records and other online digital retailers. Check out filmclips for the tracks ‘Illusionary’ and ‘I Want To Be On TV’ on Youtube.

Lunar Module feature Ant Banister on vocals, Albert Martinez on backing vocals, keys and guitar, Morph on bass guitar, Peter Davies on guitar synth and backing vocals and Mel Grogan on keyboard.

The Lunar Module EP is one of four new EPs released by Clan Analogue showcasing the work of the collective’s newest artists, along with new EPs by fellow Sydney-siders Valley Forge and Melbourne bands Koshowko and Tiatto.


1. Illusionary
2. I Want To Be On TV
3. Haunted
4. Let Go
5. Berlin Wall
6. Elektoral Fear
7. The Neuromantic

Originally released in 2010

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  1. Any chance of a local Aus. release for non-iTunes high bitrate (FLAC/WAV or 320kbps) versions? Or is Juno UK the only source? Thanksnn1

  2. Let us know your preferred retailer and we’ll see what we can do to get it on sale there!

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