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CA039K: Koshowko | The Truth In Me

Following the acclaimed Koshowko remixes of B(if)tek and Disco Stu featured on Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection, the time has come for The Truth In Me, an EP of all-new Koshowko material. Recorded upon Koshowko’s return from touring Germany, The Truth In Me combines melancholia and opulence, with lush synthetic soundscapes, infectious melodies and polished nu-disco grooves.

“Ranging from club-centric house grooves through to more headphone-oriented downbeat soundscapes”
Cyclic Defrost

“Let’s just say that ‘atmospheric euphoria’ is all that needs to be said about the latest Koshowko release

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Koshowko is the musical brainchild of Polish-born anarchist philosopher Martin K. After spending time in Berlin and Reykjavik, Martin K arrived in Melbourne to begin a new phase of existence as he set about exploring ‘the Philosophy of Sound’.

The Truth In Me EP explores the transitoriness of existence and the search for meaning by melding the in-the-moment philosophy of dance music with timeless musical values of melody, harmony and structure. The EP opens with epic synths and haunting vocoders on the ‘Down On your Knees’ edit of the title track. Next we hear a new remix of ‘Switched On’, initially produced by Koshowko for the critically acclaimed collaboration with Winduptoys on their 2006 album Double Exposure and now remixed by Philosophy Of Sound with added existentialist dancefloor intensity. ‘Lose What We Have’ touches on the transient aspect of life with a fatalistic funk-hop groove. ‘Promise – Part 3’ update the classic Koshowko dub track with lyrics inspired by Leonard Cohen’s poem ‘Democracy’. ‘The EP closes with a nu-disco mix of ‘The Truth In Me’.

The Truth In Me is one of four new EPs released by Clan Analogue showcasing the work of the collective’s newest artists, along with releases by fellow internationalists Tiatto and Sydney bands Lunar Module and Valley Forge.


1. The Truth In Me (Down On Your Knees Edit)
2. Switched On (Philosophy of Sound Remix)
3. Lose What We Have
4. Promise – Part 3
5. The Truth In Me (The Easy Mix)

Originally released in 2010

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