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Philosophy of Sound

Philosophy Of Sound is the nu-disco/electro/funk production team started by Melbourne’s Martin K (originally hailing from Poland) who is a philosopher turned music producer. Martin K has spent the last few years producing music videos, film soundtracks, podcasts and working in close collaboration with various international electronic and dance artists.

Before starting Philosophy Of Sound, Martin K has been active in his previous music project Koshowko, which has put out several critically and commercially acclaimed releases on Clan Analogue and Las Machinas. Koshowko played several music festivals in Australia (St Kilda Festival, Renaissance Festival, Opoeia Festival or Electundra) and toured in Germany. Martin K also became the finalist of the The International Songwriting Competition in the Dance category. His music videos have also been screened around the globe in a selection of Film and Music Video Festivals.

During the recording sessions for the upcoming Philosophy Of Sound EP, Martin collaborated with many talented musicians, including two intriguing vocalists: Melbourne’s Magnolia and New York based Mereki Beach (Peacocks). You can also expect to hear some hot disco guitar 
licks and booty shaking bass.

Stay tuned for P.O.S’s ‘Fragile Disco’ EP which will be out on vinyl and digital download in June via Discotexas.

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